PAC - Escola Profissionalizante de Manguinhos

View of the military builing during its work to be adapted for School use

The new Manguinhos High School, elaborated for the Urban PAC (Federal Government´s Development Acceleration Program), was the first building inaugurated. It is part of a large social and urban planning to “Complexo de Manguinhos” – a deteriorated suburban area in Rio de Janeiro – and was designed to occupy an old Army building, which area will form a Civic Center to the dwellers and visitors.

The school was named Luis Carlos da Vila, paying tribute to a known popular brazilian musician recently died. Its total area performs 4.500m², including a new building under construction, and was characterized by a complete intervention on the roof, rearranging all the internal spaces, changing all the windows and doors though keeping their original dimensions, and restoring the façades with new colors in white and yellow to emphasize all its decorative details.

The building contains bathrooms for disabled people and their accessibility is guaranteed at all entrances and floors through a majestic ramp, joining the old and new styles, and is turned toward the Civic Center beautiful and inviting gardens.

The High school offers fourteen classrooms for forty students, each, computational laboratory, science laboratory, library, two rooms for multiple uses, an auditory for one hundred and twenty seats, open spaces for leisure, a student association room, and a complete industrial kitchen.

The brand new school was designed according to sustainable construction principles which include:
- Recycling materials and building restoring;
- Rain water tanks to reduce the no-human water consuming;
- Natural ventilation and insulation to avoid electric energy losses;
- Reforestation;
- Local and neighborhood positive impacts; and
- Garbage recycling habits to be spread since the childhood.


The Gymnasium/Swimming Pool complex, nearby the school, offer its students gym and sports classes and should be used by the lucky surrounding community during the weekends.


Gymnasium/Swimming Pool complex

Sequência de imagens da festa de inauguração do ginásio e parque aquático
que contou com a presença do Presidente Lula (29/05/2009)


Jornal O Globo 04/02/2009

School was inaugurated on february 03, 2009

Foto: Gabriel Jáuregui

Foto: Gabriel Jáuregui


Escola Profissionalizante de Manguinhos / Edifício reciclado


PAC - Escola Profissionalizante do Alemão