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It is a productive and creative structure capable of serving both private and public sector clients, in the areas of urban planning, architecture and landscaping, acting with the consultancy of prestigious firms in infrastructure, structural calculation, historical heritage, environment and eco-efficiency.

With more than 20 years of experience, we works on the four scales of urban intervention: small, medium, large and territorial.

In the residential area specifically, projects range from large mixed- use urban sectors for various rental bands, to individual residences.

With adequate response capacity to customer needs, the Atelier Metropolitano research, creation and production areas maintain constant interaction, guaranteeing project quality together with rapid response to the most complex requests.

We understand the project as the challenge of relating issues of the most varied nature, ranging from the macro to the micro, from the public to the private, from the social to the individual, from the economic to the ecological and from the ethical to the aesthetic.

The project task consists of the capacity to consistently articulation of all the variables that intervene in each project, offering answers where the cost-benefit / sense of actions, is at the base of the considerations.


Elaboration and assembly of socio-spatial structuring programs and projects.

Formulation of Public Policies and Projects of Physical and Social Articulations, in the areas of urban planning, urbanism, architecture, built heritage, urban mobility and productive mobilization of the territory, seeking the confluence of community intelligence, professional experience and professional support.

Directed especially to federal, provincial or municipal public organisms, and public and private institutions, consisting of technical- professional support for the formulation of programs and the elaboration of physical and social articulation projects, in the four scales of the urban project.

In each of the scales, depending on the characteristics of the programs and the objectives to be achieved, the work may include, in addition to urban and architectural design, prospective planning and the formulation of different scenarios for horizons of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

Counting on experienced specialists in eco-efficiency, urban infrastructure, urban transport and mobility, historical heritage, regularization of land tenure, social work and generation of work and income. With more than 20 years of continuous activity in the elaboration of articulation projects for both the formal city and the informal city.

Since 1994 we have developed projects, all built, for the management of historical center within the Rio Cidade program; more than 20 projects developed within the Favela-Bairro program; the developments carried out for the favela complexes of the PAC (Growth Acceleration Program) projects for the Complexo do Alemão, Complexo de Manguinhos and the Rocinha Housing Nucleus. The project for the cable car transport system for the Complexo do Alemão. Including projects for the Olympic Port in the port area of ​​the city, as part of the facilities for the realization of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and the development of Domingo Savio in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.

Consultations include the implementation of seminars and preparatory workshops for the definition of programs and the development of projects, elaborating specific solutions for the issues addressed.


General Director: Jorge Mario Jáuregui
Coordinator of Urbanism: Leandro Costa Balbio
Coordinator of Architecture: André Yamaguishi Ciampi
Coordinador of Landscape: Rodrigo Matos
General Project Manager: Gabriel L. Jáuregui
Commercial and Institutional Relations: Paulo Mello
International Coordinations with Universities: Mabel Modanesi
Representative in Argentina: Eduardo N. Jáuregui

Daniel D’Alessandro
Juan Salmentón
Nuno Andre Patricio
Jon Ugarte
Robson Coutinho
Romildo Rêgo Barros
Mariana Neves Campos
Lucas Oliveira
Thalis de Souza Gonçalves
Thomas Geiss
Juliana Nieva del Castillo

Consultants and partners
Keios: Sustainable Projects / Territorial Scale
Infrastructure: Sanetec - Serviços de Engenharia / L.Trotta Engenharia Projetos e Consultorias Ltda.
Infrastructure: Bio-Infra Engenharia
Marketing: Engeneering S.A.
Structures: SF Engenharia
Productive Territories / Social responsability: Pedro Cunca Bocayuva
Psychoanalysis: Diana Mariscal
Environmental Studies: Geobureau / Fábio Amaral
Social work: Paulo Magalhães / Ricardo Sant' Anna / Daniela Campelo
Landscaping and Urban Farming: Sebastián Miguel
Lighting Design: NUR L+D e Artec 3
Legal Assistance: Gama e Silva Advogados
Urban mobility: Antônio Carlos Veloso de Mello
Transport: Ubiratan Pereira Soares
Eco-efficiency and Sustainability: Dipartimento di Industrial Design Tecnologie dell'Architettura e Cultura dell'Ambiente ITACA, Sapienza Università di Roma
Budget: Paulo Mello
Web Designer: Marcio Vieira